New Contexts, New Visions

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Higher Education in the World (HEIW) is a collective project that has become a benchmark in the higher education sector after seven issues. This series of reports considers the key challenges facing higher education (HE) and its institutions worldwide. This time round, the current context of change calls for a special issue, and the new edition of the Report sets out a broader renewed vision looking towards 2030 and beyond.

The special issue builds on GUNi’s accumulated experience fostering global and regional analyses and producing knowledge for institutional action and public policy-making. Entitled “New Visions for Higher Education towards 2030”, this edition analyses the state of HE in the world and seeks to respond to the need for HEIs to transform themselves in the light of major global changes.

With contributions from over 90 experts from all around the world, this report covers a wide range of topics: from the digital-human future to HEI governance and public service, while also addressing sustainability, labour and citizenship, among other aspects. As a distinctive feature, the report focuses primarily on institutions and introduces regional perspectives, with the aim of ensuring the applicability of the findings. It is hoped that they will be of interest to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Along these lines, this report is conceived as a living document that will evolve over the coming years. All materials are published on a webpage which will be fed with new articles, interviews, videos and podcasts. The report will be a platform for both transformational thinking and action in HEIs.

Moving beyond words, the Report creates a space for active transformation and will constitute the stepping stone for a more ambitious project entitled “GUNi International Call for Action (2022-2025): Rethinking HEIs for Sustainable and Inclusive Societies”. GUNi’s overarching aim is to encourage HEIs around the world to deploy the actions and changes that are needed to adapt and become more relevant, inclusive, effective, innovative and socially responsible.


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