Presentation of the Regional Chapter on African Higher Education

Part III

Regional approaches

Latin America & The Caribbean

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Middle East & North Africa

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North America

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Presentation of the Regional Chapter on African Higher Education

Ramon Torrent


The OBREAL Global Association is a member of GUNi that leads the consortium (OBREAL Global, AAU, DAAD, ENQA) implementing the EU-funded project HAQAA-2. In this twofold capacity, it has been honoured to coordinate the Africa section of the Special Issue of GUNi’s World Report and write a short presentation that intends to draw a set of clearly perceived needs from the nine contributions to the section, intending to: a) Be selective and not to address all issues concerning HE at the regional and continental levels, but focus those that are really relevant for African integration and that are the main challenges faced by HE systems in all countries; b) Correctly articulate the continental and the regional (in plural) levels of integration; c) Be really innovative, not only in terms of R&D&I policies but also in terms of curricula design and implementation following a transformational approach; d) Make the African Standards and Guidelines in Quality Assurance applicable and effective; e) Draw inspiration in all African regions from the best practices on sustainability and internationalisation in some of them. The presentation ends by pointing to the essential role associations of African Universities (AAU and the regional ones) can and must play in advancing towards the Africa that Africans want.



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