Recent developments in Internationalisation in Africa

Part III

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Recent developments in Internationalisation in Africa

James Otieno Jowi


Internationalisation is one of the main phenomena influencing HE transformations and developments globally. In recent years, it has grown in importance and has impacted Africa’s HE in a complex way, incentivising change and the strengthening of African Higher Education Institutions (AHEIs) and systems while at the same time compounding some of the challenges they face. African universities have thus begun to take stock of what internationalisation portends to them. It must never be forgotten that AHEIs engage with internationalisation from a weaker position than their counterparts from the developed countries and thus need to develop new ways of responding to global dynamics. Therefore, Africa’s HE must bring a new flavour to the global higher education community to propel stronger developments and engagements with Africa. The COVID 19 pandemic presents an important turning point in Africa’s HE and must bring forth new dynamics, especially on the future of internationalisation of HE. This contribution presents the state of internationalisation in African HE and highlights some of the challenges, risks and opportunities it offers to AHEIs. It briefly explores some contemporary developments in internationalisation in Africa, including the implications of the COVID 19 pandemic.


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