Promises and risks of digital research and education

Part III

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Promises and risks of digital research and education

Stephane Berghmans, Jean-Claude Burgelman and Thomas Ekman Jørgensen


This article explores the consequences of the digitalisation of higher education and research: as research data and data from digitally enhanced learning has grown, so have the possibilities for using this resource for the public good, as well as harvesting it for commercial purposes. In this situation, the academic research system must look to preserve its digital sovereignty through the possibility of making research results and data open through Open Science, but must also work to control the data generated by its various activities. Large technology companies can and are using this data for commercial services, at times competing with universities, and potentially undermining university values.

The article argues that we find ourselves at a crucial moment in this development, where universities must act in order to retain control of their activities and avoid dependence on large, commercial stakeholders, while recognising data as a 21st century common good.


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