Thematic chapter

Report team


Marta Cayetano

Communications Officer at the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) and the Global University Network for innovation (GUNi)

She is also currently involved in the project management, communication and dissemination of several H2020 and ErasmusPlus European projects. During her professional career, she has held different positions in the communications and outreach field and has worked in several institutions related to education, culture and international development since 2006. Marta holds a B.A. in Communication Sciences (Pompeu Fabra University) and a B.A. in Translation and Languages (Vic University), as well as a Postgraduate Degree in Strategic Digital Communication (Continuing Education Institute-Pompeu Fabra University) and a Postgraduate Degree in International Development and Cooperation (Setem Federation-Polytechnic University of Catalonia).


Cristina Garcia

Project Officer at the Catalan Association for Public Universities (ACUP) and the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi).

She is the local coordinator for the organisation of the 3rd UNESCO World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022). She is involved in regional and international projects, as well as EU-funded projects (Horizon and Erasmus +) on RRI and community engagement. Cristina has twenty years’ experience in the field of internationalisation of programmes in Higher Education Institutions. Her main areas of expertise are related to programme management and coordination of international admission processes. Cristina holds a B.A. in French and English Studies (University of Barcelona), a Master’s Degree in Quality Assessment and Management in Higher Education (Open University of Catalonia/Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency), a Postgraduate Degree in International Relations (Autonomous University of Barcelona-Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) and a Postgraduate Degree in Literary Translation (Autonomous University of Barcelona).


Victoria Gómez

Former Project Officer at the Association of Catalan Public Universities (ACUP) and the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi).

At ACUP, she focused on internationalisation and the social responsibility of universities. At GUNi, she coordinated the SDGs and Higher Education project in the World Report. Victoria holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies from the University of Barcelona (UB), a Master’s in International Relations from the Barcelona Institute for International Studies (IBEI) - including a graduate exchange programme at the American University in Cairo (AUC) - and a Master's in Education from the Spanish Distance Learning University (UNED). She is currently based in the UAE and works as a project manager in the higher education sector.


Marina Sampayo

Marina Sampayo

Project Officer at the Catalan Association for Public Universities (ACUP) and the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi)

She coordinates publication and further development of the 8th Higher Education in the World Report. Marina has experience as a social researcher in the field of public policies and administration, as a conference co-organiser and as a technical assistant in foreign affairs and multilateral diplomacy. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Pompeu Fabra University-Autonomous University of Madrid-Carlos III University of Madrid), as well as a Master’s in Social Policy, Employment and Welfare (Autonomous University of Barcelona). She has also been involved in Erasmus+ projects and collaborated locally and abroad with non-profit organizations in the socio-educational field.

Josep M.

Josep M. Vilalta

Director of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) and Executive Secretary of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP).

A specialist in public management and public policies and higher education and research management, he has thirty years’ experience in different leading positions in public sector organisations, as well as various higher education institutions. He has promoted and participated in various projects and expert groups of the Governments of Catalonia and Spain, the European Commission, the OECD and UNESCO, as well as in the field of education and universities, political science and public policy management in several countries. He has published nearly a hundred papers for journals and publications, book chapters and books on public administration, public policy, education, universities and scientific research policy. He is member of the group of experts of the Spanish university policy think-tank Studia XXI, and sits on the Advisory Boards of Fundació iSocial and ‘El Diari de l’Educació’. He is a regular contributor to different national and international publications and to the newspapers ARA, Nació Digital and La Vanguardia. He holds a Degree in Geography and History (University of Barcelona), a Master’s in Public Management (Autonomous University of Barcelona), a Master’s in Political and Social Theory (Pompeu Fabra University) and a Postgraduate Degree in Management of Higher Education (Open University/University of Twente). He has been a sponsor and director of the Master’s in Management and University Policy at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and visiting professor in various institutions.

Picture of Marta Vila

Marta Vila

Quality Technician at the Doctoral Office of the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia and adjunct lecturer at the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Vila holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences and Language, a Master’s Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional Environments and a Degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona. In recent years, Vila served as executive director of the Torribera Mediterranean Center, a joint initiative of the University of Barcelona and The Culinary Institute of America, as well as project coordinator of the UB-Bullipedia Unit, a joint project of the University of Barcelona and elBulliFoundation.

Picture of Agueda Quiroga

Agueda Quiroga

Program manager and policy analyst, Director and General Manager deputy at the Barcelona Institute of International Studies-IBEI.

Quiroga holds a degree in Social Anthropology and an MA in Social and Public Policies, and is an expert in higher international education. With more than 15 years’ experience in the area of higher international education, and as the Director and Deputy General Manager of IBEI, her main current research interest is how to improve learning in non-academic contexts and how to promote crowdsourced social innovation. Prior to that, she worked at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (Spain), as research coordinator in the area of health inequalities and welfare policies.


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