Transitions: Key Topics, Key Voices

Key Topics, Key Voices

The universities of Latin America face a host of pressures, but also a number of new developments.

Latin America & The Caribbean

HAQAA2 is an EU-funded project developed within the framework of the AU-EU partnership that was formally established in 2000 at the first Africa-EU Summit in Cairo, the s


European universities are increasingly focused on contributing to sustainable development and, in particular, the green and the digital transition.


In the spring of 2021, the European University Association (EUA), representing more than 800 members across the continent, published its vision for 2030: “Universities wi


It is high time to reconsider the future of higher education in the Arab world and worldwide.

Middle East & North Africa

The last twenty years have seen an increased international focus on school leadership as a driver of education system improvement.


There is a broad consensus that research and innovation (R&I) must be steered towards socially desirable ends, ensuring that science and technology are the driving fo

Research & Innovation


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