Transitions: Key Topics, Key Voices

Key Topics, Key Voices

Universities are fundamental niches for research and knowledge generation.

Research & Innovation

This chapter discusses the implications of technological change and demographic trends for higher education supply and demand.

Skills & Competencies

In a changing and complex world, higher education institutions (HEIs) and funding bodies have identified the benefits of linking students, faculty, and researchers more c

North America

This report on the internationalization of higher education in North America examines global activities and policies related to HEIs in Canada and the United States.

North America

Although American colleges and universities receive much more public and private support than their foreign counterparts, enrol a higher proportion of college-age populat

North America

The United States is experiencing profound, unrelenting, and accelerating demographic, economic, and technological change.

North America

In a world in constant transformation, the job-for-life career pattern that universities traditionally prepared students for, has been replaced by the need to deal with a

Middle East & North Africa

The role of higher education institutions (HEIs) has been redefined in the twenty-first century, with heightened expectations about how they can better serve society.

Middle East & North Africa


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